Authenticating AWS (Signature V4) in R using Python Backend

Intuition I was working with an Elasticsearch project on AWS using Python and the requests_aws4auth package worked like a charm for me. Never had any issue regarding the authentication (AWS V4 could be hard to work with sometimes). However, when I trying to create a Shiny app for my project, the problem emerged. I just couldn’t get the V4 auth to work with httr in R. I tried aws.signature package on Github but keep getting request header issues.

Add Sunburst Chart to highcharter Package

The highcharter Package The highcharter package link by Joshua Kunst has long been my favorite data visualization package in R. It created a wonderful API to the famous JS Highcharts library. link. Although Highcharts is not free for commercial use, but I found many functionality of it is unparalleled with other visualization packages like ploty or sunburstR or r2d3. For example, you can easily create an interactive scatterplot with ggplot2 like syntax: