How To Excel As A Data Scientist? 4 Essential Skills You Should Have

I consider myself as an extremely lucky guy. When I picked Statistics as my college major, I didn’t know I would be working as a data scientist after I graduate. The job “Data Scientist” probably didn’t even exist back then. And here I am, after almost 9 years, I matured from someone that struggled to run and diagnose a linear regression to a fairly experienced data scientist that gives talks and lectures.

Introducing teamr Package

Today I am so pleased to introduce my first CRAN package for sending formatted messages to Microsoft Teams, teamr. Motivation is simple here. For years I have been using Slack and built many slash commands and apps using incoming webhooks with R, but ever since I started to use Teams, I found that we will have the same needs for communicating with R as well. So with some inspiration from the Python package pymsteams.

Preprocess Text in Python --- A Cleaner and Faster Approach

Motivation Well, I think it all start with one of my favorite tweets from 2013: In Data Science, 80% of time spent prepare data, 20% of time spent complain about need for prepare data. — Big Data Borat (@BigDataBorat) February 27, 2013 When building NLP models, pre-processing your data is extremely important. For example, different stopwords removal, stemming and lemmization might have huge impact on the accuracy of your models.