R user

I have been an avid R user since 2010. I have used R both in the classroom as a data scientist and always fascinated by how easy and intuitive you can teach it to others.

Python user

As a daily Python user now, its structured programming, functional programming patterns and object-oriented programming is unpararelled comparing to R.

Problem Solver

I have strong business sense which allows me to apply appropraite data science approach to different real-world problems. Building a fairly complex machine learning models is easily nowadays, but when dealing with real business problems, sometimes all you need is the simplest solution. (An Example)

Data Visualization & Statistics

I love exploring, analyzing, and visulizaing data. ggplot2, highcharter, ggiraph are my favorrate R visulization packages. I believe that one good chart can tell much better story than a 5 page report if you done it correctly.


Nothing is more enjoyable than sharing your knowledge. I have been teaching and mentoring junior data scientist over the last couple of years and I enjoyed every moment of those.


I am been an active investor in equity market since 2013. Finding out-performing stocks is like real world treasure hunt, you will always learn a lesson whether successful or not.



Staff Data Scientist


December 2020 – Present Toronto, Ontario

Principal Data Scientist

Ingram Micro

January 2019 – November 2020 Toronto, Ontario

Data Scientist

Crescendo Technology (Pinnacle Sports)

July 2016 – December 2018 Toronto, Ontario

Data Scientist

Compass Digital Labs

June 2015 – June 2016 Mississauga, Ontario

Quantitative Analyst

First Paladin Inc.

January 2013 – May 2015 Toronto, Ontario

Revenue Analyst

Canadian Primedia Sales and Marketing

November 2011 – December 2012 Toronto, Ontario

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